UniCredit Reveals Yet Another Data Breach

Italian financial service which goes by the name of UniCredit has confessed to a security incident. The incident is described as a data breach...
smart bulb

Smart Bulbs: Next big target for cyberattacks?

Researchers at UTSA have recently discovered that invisible wave spectrum in smart bulbs which come equipped with infrared abilities can be taken advantage of...
app store

Apple App Store: What’s next?

While the Google Play Store is no stranger to malware-infected apps, the App store seems to be experiencing its first slice of it. Recently,...
department of defense

Pentagon Impedes 36 Million Malicious Emails Each Day

The Defense Information Systems Agency conducts an assessment of DoD web browsing practices to determine the utility of bandwidths. The US navy spends around $160...
dark web

Child Pornography Website Taken Down from Dark Web

One of the most nefarious child pornography website which went by the name of “Welcome to Video” has been taken down and seized. Reportedly,...

Bitcoin Robbery Through Fake Tor Browser

Through the years, Bitcoin and Tor have gone hand in hand due to their assurance of anonymity and privacy. But it seems that in...

The Fascinating Hacker Tools of Mr. Robot

Hacking, for the most part in popular culture, has always been misrepresented. The producers of these media focus more on getting the typical "oh...
play store

Google Play Store: A hub for spreading malware?

A report by Russian security firm Doctor Web has suggested that several of the Google Play Store's apps were spread malware known as "The...

Why not hack a hacker?

Tobias Fromel, A Germany-based programmer whose files were encrypted through Muhstik ransomware. Well, the hacker who hacked the hacker, I know pretty confusing. He...
Best Hacking Documentaries That You Should Watch Right Now

Best Hacking Documentaries That You Should Watch Right Now

In order to become an ethical hacker in the 21st century, you should know some coding laterally with good inspiration.

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